Duvet Day & My Pastel World

Duvet Day

When I re-discovered my love for sugar art last year I also became obsessed with pastel colours.

Duvet Day

To be honest I’ve relied on a handful of my favourite sugarflair colours in my baking cupboard; baby pink, baby blue, lavender, caramel/ivory, gooseberry and paprika which I used to create a soft coral shade for this lazy Sunday theme (a rare treat for me but I definitely need to make time for more duvet days this year).

Duvet DayI generally add a hint of caramel/ivory to create muted/vintage shades. For cooler hues, I’ll add a hint of black a little at a time. Less is definitely more and you’re less likely to overwork your modelling paste creating a smoother finish to your work.

See you next time!


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